3 accessories to keep your pet cool during the summer

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Heat waves are tough times for our pets, here is a list of accessories to help your dogs, cats, rodents and birds have a cool summer!

To withstand heat, humans naturally regulate their temperature by sweating. Animals sweat very little and cool themselves down by using their breath. They exhale warm air to breathe in cool, dry air. But in case of strong heat, this regulation becomes more complicated… Not to mention the hair! So how can you avoid these hot flashes that can be dangerous for your little companion?

In addition to these basic tips, some accessories have been specially designed to keep your pet cool in all circumstances: at home, on a walk or on the way to the holidays.

The refreshing carpet

Simple to use and easy to clean, the cooling mat will be a real oasis to help your pet regulate its temperature in summer. Simply place your dog, cat or rodent on it to activate it. The cooling mat can be used on the floor, in a basket, on the back seat of your car or in a transport box. Several sizes are available to fit the size of your little companion, there are also second-hand cooling carpet if you haven’t budgeted for them.

The vest of freshness

When walking, it is not easy to walk in the shade all the time. And the combo of physical effort + warmth is not ideal for your dog’s health and well-being. To keep your dog cool during his daily walk, there are cooling vests that keep your dog cool for several hours. As with carpets, you can also opt for a second-hand vest. For more discretion, there are also cooling collars with HydroQuartz gel that activates on contact with water to absorb your pet’s heat and regulate its body temperature.

The ice toy

Even if you don’t want to overexert yourself in hot weather, your four-legged friend can still have a little fun. And even more so if it’s with a refrigerated toy. Just fill it with water, put it in the freezer and take it out when you need it. Every time your dog chews on it, he gets a delicious, fresh squirt of water.

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